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Truck Mechanic - Switzerland

Gwen is such an amazing tutor. I've known her for 3 years and I've never regretted it. She always prepares the lessons perfectly and designs them especially for you.
During that time, I improved my english really well from almost zero knowledge. My personal goal is to reach the C1 level and I know she is the right person to teach me all that knowledge I have to know to achieve this. I'm also really glad that she always answers my questions, not just during the lessons, also during the week via email. I trully recommend her as a personal tutor since her lessons are so exciting and educational. Her warm and spontaneous nature makes learning much easier and it is fun as well. I'm quite satisfied that I found her as an english teacher.

December, 2023

Kristina Petrovic.jpg


Banking Client Advisor - Switzerland

Hello Gwen
I hope you‘re doing well.
Letting you know that I PASSED the CPE!!! 😁🎉 I‘m so happy and relieved at the same time. Thank you again for your support and our lessons. I wish you all the best and many more students who will pass because of you😉! Cheers, Kristina

March, 2023

Manuel Beck.png


Banking Admin - Switzerland

I can highly recommend you to chose Gwen as your english teacher. Gwen's lessons are priced at a very fair price and her teaching quality is over-the-top. Gwen always responsibly prepares her lessons in order to be as efficient as possible. Besides her great teaching skills, Gwen also has an outstanding ability of understanding how the english langauge works.


I've personally worked with Gwen in my preperation for my CAE (Advanced) and CPE (Proficiency), which I've both passed first try (passed the CAE & CPE in about 12 months). Gwen is also very flexible, she can adapt and prepare lessons up to your expectations. 

June, 2022



Assistant to CEO - Switzerland

I wanted to say thank you for helping me to improve my English. Thanks to you, I have lost a bit of my fear of speaking. You make your English lessons so interesting and varied. Your teaching is of high quality!


I have come to know and appreciate you as a patient teacher who is interested in people and sensitive. I always looked forward to the English lessons with you and felt very comfortable. If I need your help again, I will definitely contact you. Until then, I wish you all the best, all the love and very good health.

April, 2021



Accountant - Switzerland

I really recommend you having Gwen as your language teacher.

I have skype lessons with Gwen for almost 2 years. I am not only very happy with her teaching style, but also impressed by her language abilities.

She is not only my language teacher, but also my coacher in any business topics, I ask her for help. She coaches me and give me good advices to answer for example some interview questions.

Moreover, she is extremely experienced, and totally focused on my needs.

She is very good at active listening and always correct my mistakes in grammar and pronunciation.  She makes me realize my own mistakes, what is very helpful for improvements.

Gwen is absolutely flexible in talking about a wide range of topics, no matter business English or general English. She takes my concern very seriously and is very patient at teaching me in English.

November, 2020

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CFO - Switzerland

PS: already had several phone calls with Paris this week in English. Actually, it's already much better than before my classes. Thank you very much for what you have achieved so far! I am very satisfied.

November, 2020



Architect - Bosnia

Gwen is a very pleasant, patient and experienced English teacher. She makes the lessons varied and productive. The hours with her are very fun and never boaring.

I learn a lot in a very short but intensive period. I would recommend Gwen to everyone, she is really good. I enjoy the hours with her and our English journey is going forward. Thanks Gwen!

July, 2020



Foreign Marketing - Russia

Classes went for me very interesting, diverse and dynamic. Gwen is experienced teacher and knows how to structure the lesson including new materials and repetition of old one. Also one of the main plus is that you can easy build a convenient class schedule, if you have frequent business trips. It was my first experience of Skype lessons and I can definitely say that it is even better than offline.  So if you are still doubt just do it and it will be a nice discovery for you. Thank you Gwen!

January, 2020

Oleg Busygin2.jpg


Business Trainer - Russia

Gwen is an incredibly comfortable and productive teacher, an amazing person. If you know exactly why you are learning English, if you have a goal, just follow Gwen's recommendations and everything will happen in time.

January, 2020

Natalia 1-20.jpg


Accountant- Sweden

I would like to thank Gwen for being highly effective English teacher. I am a current student of Gwen. We are working on improving my English speaking and pronunciation abilities. However, I would like to say that I have had different teaches on my way to learn and master English language and Gwen is one of few who provides high quality lessons. I am sure that “Repetition is the mother of learning” and every her lesson starts with the repetition. During lessons we practice different knowledge and skills. Gwen has such positive energy and approach to her lessons that even if I feel tired before our lesson I always get a second breath during it. 

I am looking forward to continuing our interesting journey on the way to learn and speak English language better. The more you learn the more you know and Gwen is the one who can help me to reach my goal to master English. Best regards, Natalia

January 2020



Operations Admin./Assist. CEO of Airline company - Switzerland

Hi Gwen,

I passed the CPE! You were a good teacher!  Thank you!  I would've never dreamt of such a result.  I was really surprised :)  I'm just thrilled that I passed. :)  ... It was really nice to have you as a teacher! You helped me a lot!

All the best to you too! Hope to hear from you once in a while. :)

December 2019

Avatar 99


PTE Student - Germany

Hi Gwen,

how are you?  I had my break and after that i decided to start applying for a Australian visa with my last English score and finally i got a visa recently! :-) We are soooo happy now :-) Thank you so much for helping me out improving my English skills :-) Now, we are packing because our flight to Australia is coming soon. Its stressful but that's ok :-)

Best regards,


May 2019

Avatar 95


Java Software Developer - Russia

I'm great, with your help I got a new job in November 2018, and now I'm working in the big international company and it's German t-mobile.

And now every month I have business trips from Russia to German - Frankfurt Thank you again!!

March 2019

Avatar 89


Bio-Informatics Engineer - Italy

Hi Gwen,

The exam scores have been released.... and.... I passed!!! Both!! IELTS and TOEFL.
In the IELTS exam I got a 7, and I was asked to have a 7. So perfect!
In the TOEFL exam I got a 103, and I needed 100, so also nice !! :)
Thanks a lot for your help during this time, it has been awesome to do English classes with you! I hope you can continue with your nice English lessons and help more people!
Thanks again, best regards!!


August 2017

Dominic with bike.jpg


Student - Switzerland

Gwen adapted the lessons optimally to my needs. After a very short time I was able to make great progress. She is an open, cheerful and competent person, who makes the lessons varied and interesting.

June 2017

Avatar 100


Business Woman - Switzerland

Dear Gwen,

The time with you was very intense, learning time. I have enjoyed working with you !!
This is a very good job for me. You have helped me to reach my goal with your vast knowledge, joyous nature and great experience.

You started our lessons in a relaxed but assured way which was nice. You have developed a very good relationship and managed to organize an interesting and lively lessons.

Always professional, punctual and open to all my questions. Thank you! I would like to go back.


June 2017

Thea's cow.jpg


CAE Student - Switzerland

Hi Gwen!
Finally, I received my results. I passed at grade A :)  I´m very happy as this was my goal. Thank you very much for everything, I had a great time during preparation with you. You may find the statement of result online.

Have a great rest of the week.

June 2017

Avatar 104


Accounting - Neuhausen

I've met Gwen as a very lovable, cheerful person. She gives me the foreign language very well adapted to my needs. I am looking forward to learning every hour with her. The idea with online studies I find very good, because it leaves me a lot of space.

June 2017

Avatar 109


Banking - Switzerland

Gwen makes the lessons very varied and goes directly to my weak points, whereby I can recognize a progress much faster. The lessons with Gwen is very pleasant and fun. She has already prepared me for the First (FCE) exam and meanwhile I am just before the BEC Higher exam.

Because of the flexible teaching times, I can recommend the online language course to everyone.

June 2017

Avatar 90


Student - Switzerland

The Skype lessons via distance learning with Gwen personally made me very satisfied.
Since I had to make my FCE in a very short time, I was able to prepare myself so intensively and ultimately succeeded in making my certificate.

Great thing, I recommend immediately.

June 2017

Avatar 106


Vacation Rental Hostess Trinidad and Tobago

Gwen is an experienced teacher. The online language course is practical and flexible. I am very satisfied.

October 2016

Avatar 105


Project Manager - Germany

The lessons with Gwen help me a lot to improve my language skills.
It applies to my personal interests, also regarding the time of the lessons.
The lessons are entertaining and fun. Thank you!

October 2016

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