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Speak English

  Five Reasons Why You May Want to Learn to Speak English

Whether or not you live in a country that has many English speakers, learning how to speak this language is often a goal of many. Why would you want to learn to speak English? Consider these five reasons for starters.


  • School - Many major universities around the world have English as the primary language they speak on campus. If you want to have the best experience in and out of the classroom, learning English is key.

  • You Work in Hospitality - If you work in the hospitality industry you’ll encounter people from all over the world who speak many different languages. English is one language that brings people together. If you have a basic understanding of the language you’ll find success comes much easier to you.

  • You Work in Healthcare - Healthcare means that you will work with people of all nationalities and backgrounds. Learning English can be a huge benefit as it lets you connect with people from all over who speak this language. You’ll be able to communicate with more of the other staff too, who may have come from other countries.

  • You Have Friends or Family that Speak English - If your friends or family already speak English, you don’t want to be left behind do you? Learning English helps you connect with those around you.

  • You Enjoy Online Gaming - This may seem like a funny reason to learn a language, but online gaming is primarily dominated by English speakers. If playing online games is very important to you, learning English is a great idea.


If you would like more information about English test preparation or assistance learning how to speak English, contact me at Skype Me Easy English. I am dedicated to making it possible for almost anyone to learn the English language.

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