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  Three Tips if You Plan to Study English

If you’re learning English from the ground up, or you need to pass the Cambridge CAE, or you just want to refresh your English speaking ability, you have a big job ahead of you. When you study English there are so many things you need to think about to make certain that you learn and understand everything perfectly. I’ve put together three tips that can help you whether you plan to study English online or off.


  • Listen to the Language - This is probably more important than English lessons or English textbooks. It's the way you learned your first language and it will zoom you ahead in learning English as your second language. This may mean watching an English movie or even getting on Youtube to listen to “regular” people naturally speak English. If you can find captioning in your native language that is even better because you may pick up some more complicated words that you don’t know by reading the captioning.

  • Make it Fun - Language learning can bring up some negative emotions. You can be bored over the grammar in a textbook or afraid of speaking in a class room and sounding like you are two years old!  Research shows that negative emotions produce cortisol  which can suppress your ability to learn.  The un-stressed brain does much better with learning new things.  Pleasant emotions cause our brains to release a substance call dopamine.  This actually enhances our ability to learn new things like English vocabulary.  If you want to study English, be sure to find some online games that use the English language. Duolino and Memrise are the two most popular apps.  Having some fun will not only be more enjoyable it will also be more effective. 

  • Practice - Practice really does make perfect. And that practice should be daily.  As you begin learning, make sure you find some opportunities to practice your speech with native speakers. One way to do this is to get on online chat sites or even in multiplayer video games. Or, if you can join a study group, you and the other members can play off each other.

If you would like help with your quest to study English online, reach out to me at Skype Me Easy English. I have years of experience teaching students of all levels of English using online platforms like Skype. I can help you become fluent in the English Language which makes it much easier to navigate the world today. I look forward to working with you!

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