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Affordable English Tutor

  Are you looking for an Affordable English Tutor?

Have you been thinking about finding an ESL tutor for yourself or a loved one? There are many options out there both online and off. However, the bigger challenge is to find an affordable English tutor--so you can learn the language without breaking your budget. I’ve put together a guide to a few places you can look to find an affordable English tutor.


  • Local Community Colleges - Some community colleges offer ESL tutors that work with the public in a classroom setting. Often these aren’t “for credit” classes so you may find they are more affordable than most college or technical school courses.

  • The Library - Check with your local library to see if they have any resources for English language learning. Often the programs offered by the library system are very affordable and may even be free of charge.

  • Churches - Larger churches in urban areas may wish to serve their community by offering English language classes for their members and neighbors. While this isn’t always available, it may be a good option for those who are near such a large church.

  • Online - There are lots of options for learning English online. A Skype-based tutor, for example, is much less expensive than a one-on-one tutor that you would pay to come to your house. The best part about learning English online is that you can learn from anywhere. You’ll save time, gas money, and have access to the best education possible.

  • CAUTION. However, a word of caution is in order.  If you go to a language school website or a site that offers multiple teachers for different languages, you will usually pay more than if you find an English teacher that you can go to directly.  If you can avoid the "middle man" you will get a more affordable rate.  

If you are interested in finding an online ESL tutor, I hope you will connect with me at Skype Me Easy English. I am committed to making the English language accessible to everyone. I work through Skype to teach you English and give you the opportunity to practice speaking with a native speaker. Plus, my prices are some of the best you’ll find anywhere!  Contact me at

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