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  How to Identify a Top-Notch Online English Tutor

Where can you find the great, online English Tutor?  There are many people out there who offer English tutoring services. Some online and some who work out of an office or school. How do you know when you have found a great online English teacher  - or one that's not so great?  I’ve put together a brief guide to help you find a top-notch English tutor.


1. Clients.  First, you should always check out an English teacher's references and look at reviews online. A good tutor should have former and current clients who are willing to speak up and say that they have appreciated the help they got. A tutor without references may not have the experience you’re looking for.  Satisfied clients are an indicator of a good teacher.


2. Customization.  Remember, the best tutors will always have a sincere interest in you and your English-learning goals - whether it's preparing you for an exam like the FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, or travel, business or conversational English. They should be willing to customize classes that are specifically for you whether you are a new English learner,  an advanced student or somewhere in between.  The benefit of being online with your English teacher is that you should receive training that is customized just for you.  If a teacher gives one lesson to 30 students at the same time, it will never be as effective as one-on-one lessons.  It would be like a doctor giving every one in the waiting room the same medicine. 


3. Chemistry.  Yes, it matters. Spend some time talking to the tutor to find out if they have a style and personality that will fit well with you. Not every tutor is a good fit for every student so taking the time to meet the tutor, even virtually, is well worth the time and effort. So, don’t be afraid to check out multiple tutors before you commit to having someone teach you English. There are so many people out there offering this service, it isn’t worth it to get stuck with someone who seems less than ideal. If the chemistry is not there, it may slow you up.


I would like to help you get started learning English at your own pace and with your specific goals in mind. If you would like to talk to me about learning English online, reach out to me at Skype Me Easy English. I have worked to come up with a plan to make learning English easy and fun. Plus you can do it from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device. Super convenient, right?

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