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Know when to use 'about' or 'that' in English sentences.

Sometimes it's hard to know when to use ‘about’ or ‘that’ in an English sentence.

In English we can’t say, “He knew about that there was a meeting.”

That's because prepositions – like ‘about’ – are followed by a noun or noun phrase.

For example: 

We complained about the service.

We thought about the project.

We use ‘that’ when followed by a clause. [A clause has a subject and a verb]. 

For example:

She saw that the store was closed.

They heard that the class was cancelled.

Here's where it can go wrong:

X He knew about that there was a meeting.

Instead we should say:

He knew about the meeting.

He knew that there was a meeting.

I hope this helps you to know when to use 'about' or 'that.'

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