• Gwen


Updated: Mar 8

Aaaaccckkk!!! I'm trying to come to grips with the fact that this is becoming a real word. I initially attributed its use to the lesser linguistic skill of the users. But, I'm having to humbly accept the reality that this new word (or word to be?) is gaining momentum in the areas of business, education and certainly church conferences. We're always hoping those will be impactful. It's an annoying sounding word to me but, I know I simply must submit to linguistic mutability (big word for 'change') and accept what seems to be inevitable. And though Facebook and Word and keep putting a squiggly, red line beneath it and it doesn't appear in most standard dictionaries, suddenly, impactful has shown up in Merriam-Webster online as the adjective form of "impact" which means to have a direct effect on something. They didn't consult me. But, I must surrender. This made quite an impact on me. I mean it was, ... impactful.



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